Visionquest 5 year celebration in LA


Underrated & The Well Present:
Visionquest • 5 Year Anniversary

Every mystical journey eventually comes to a fork in the road. The seeker of life’s destiny has two options: remain satisfied with whatever level of consciousness he has already attained, or push forward into ever-new domains of promise and possibility. 2014 sees dance music’s best-known spiritual pilgrims, the Visionquest trio of Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, and Shaun Reeves, bravely embarking upon that wondrous journey. Each member of this celebrated DJing and production team contributes a distinct yet interlocking vision that together forms a seamless, organic whole. Just think of Crosson’s enthusiastic shuffle, Lee’s soulful stare, Shaun’s soft touch. Everything they craft has the same unmistakable flair: slow-burning, shape-shifting, expansive techno and house marked by compositional elegance and unabashed pop hooks.

Daniel Bell

Ryan Crosson

Shaun Reeves

Lee Curtiss

John Tejada

Visionquest (noun): a search for personal communication with the spirit world.

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