Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – The Flip Side EP


PURCHASE: 12″ / Digital


Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod are the next duo to leave their distinctive mark on the Visionquest imprint. Delivering a deep and dreamy melodic work out with softly fractured beats and reverberating vocals ‘The Flip Side EP’ is three wintry cuts of understated house music.

Influenced by their techno forefathers and favouring analogue gear, the duo’s organic production style exudes an improvised quality. Kate says her strengths lie in the melodic side of things, whereas Matthew is more about creating the groove but whether you’re witnessing the unique sound they make through this EP or their expanding live set, the pair’s fizzing musical chemistry is clear. ‘The Flip Side EP’ perfectly encapsulates this raw sound padded with soul.

From a naked kick and snare, ‘Warehouse Fool’ builds with warm pads, melting vocal echoes and spacey FX. The stripped back beauty of restrained hypnotic beats will provide a soothing after-hours soundtrack. ‘New Funk’ has more dancefloor purpose with its rolling, dirty groove and dynamic synth melodies.

In ‘Flip Reverse Girl’ suggestive vocals coalesce with a casual swinging groove fuelled by deep broken beats. The composition is simplicity at its finest, an entirely self-possessed sound that strikes a chord with its atmosphere, jamming feel and wry sensuality.

Long-term partners turned collaborators Matthew Burton and Kate Rathod have been producing music together for around 3 years, collecting various hardware synths, instruments and effects, which allows their sound is continually evolve. Matthew has been in electronic music for the past decade and worked with Connect Four, Retrofit and Leftroom, also giving Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch label its first release. Kate came to dance music a little later after meeting Matthew in 2007.

After an acclaimed RA podcast, collaborative releases on Retrofit and Organic Art Movement and now Visionquest, Matthew and Kate’s live act will continue grow their burgeoning set of fans.