Triptease come to Visionquest with their debut album “Mescaleros”!!!


We are proud to welcome our friends Topper, Jacopo, Francesco and Hugo to the label with their debut album “Mescaleros”!!!

Triptease have steadfastly become a staple of the ever impressive Berlin electronic music scene. Comprised of four multitalented musicians, (Topper, Francesco, Jacopo and Hugo), they have become known for their marathon live performances that can sometimes reach 8 hrs in length and incorporate special guest musicians from around the world. Their home bases are the infamous Club der Visionaire and Hoppetosse, where they have honed their craft by bringing almost the entirety of their studio onto the dance floor for long range jams that contain a mixture of some prepared material and a hefty amount of total free form improvisation. Using guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and a vast array of efx pedals they create a soundscape completely fresh while retaining the signature sound of the city they call home.

Their first full length LP and debut on the mighty Visionquest label perfectly displays a sound that they have crafted in diverse locations across the globe, including a week of recording in Tenerife, right under the Teide Volcano, the secret mountain of Guanche Mythology. The album title Mescaleros is, in their words, “a concept we like to use to indicate an approach to making music and art in general, inspired by spaghetti western esthetics and 60’s lysergic emancipation put through the lens of modern technology and science fiction. We translate that approach into long improvisational jams where we try to feel music as something alive that can and must change from time to time and also within the same performance.”


A1. Drumses III

A2. Bobby Peru

B1. Tony Little Something

B2. Pseudomartyrs

C1. Duodular

C2. Lo Siento

D1. Song with No Name

D2. Teide featuring Greg Paulus

DIGI. Cuore Matto

DIGI. Goodvibe Lenin

DIGI. Teide