Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo – Seclusion


PURCHASE: 12″ / Digital

For the first time in too long, influential Visionquest founder, DJ and producer Shaun Reeves is back with a new EP. This one – the label’s 50th, no less – comes in collaboration with acclaimed Italian House producer Tuccillo, features two essential new tracks and comes with a fantastic remix by Dorian Paic.

Shaun has released on the likes of Crosstown, Wolf + Lamb and Catwash and has worked with Art Department and DJ W!ld, but here it is well informed house man and 2020 Vision and Holic Trax associate Tuccillo that is his musical paring partner. Together the pair really hit it off with some truly infectious club tracks.

Up first, ‘Seclusion’ is a deep, scurrying house cut with bulbous bass, subtle vocal sounds that add a vital human element and plenty of uplifting pads. Truly conjuring up a mood and groove that is fresh and original, it sounds like little else out there right now.

The comes ‘Blue Elephant,’ another lithe and elastic, rubbery and compelling house track with mysterious little voices buried deep amongst bell sounds, finger clicks and spooky synths. Curious and intriguing, it’s as stimulating for the head as it is the heel and it marks another fine return for Reeves.

Dorian Paic is a techno man with releases on Cocoon and Raum…Music and his Craft Brew House Dub is hard hitting, with high drums, oodles of reverb and a stern groove all burrowing deep. It’s a peak time cut that will make dance floors sweat, and is a great take on the more subdued original.

Once more here the Visionquest label and co-founder Shaun Reeves have all come up with the taste making electronic goods that are sure to soundtrack many a club night in the ensuing months.