Triptease come to Visionquest with their debut album “Mescaleros”!!!


We are proud to welcome our friends Topper, Jacopo, Francesco and Hugo to the label with their debut album “Mescaleros”!!!

Triptease have steadfastly become a staple of the ever impressive Berlin electronic music scene. Comprised of four multitalented musicians, (Topper, Francesco, Jacopo and Hugo), they have become known for their marathon live performances that can sometimes reach 8 hrs in length and incorporate special guest musicians from around the world. Their home bases are the infamous Club der Visionaire and Hoppetosse, where they have honed their craft by bringing almost the entirety of their studio onto the dance floor for long range jams that contain a mixture of some prepared material and a hefty amount of total free form improvisation. Using guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and a vast array of efx pedals they create a soundscape completely fresh while retaining the signature sound of the city they call home.

Their first full length LP and debut on the mighty Visionquest label perfectly displays a sound that they have crafted in diverse locations across the globe, including a week of recording in Tenerife, right under the Teide Volcano, the secret mountain of Guanche Mythology. The album title Mescaleros is, in their words, “a concept we like to use to indicate an approach to making music and art in general, inspired by spaghetti western esthetics and 60’s lysergic emancipation put through the lens of modern technology and science fiction. We translate that approach into long improvisational jams where we try to feel music as something alive that can and must change from time to time and also within the same performance.”


A1. Drumses III

A2. Bobby Peru

B1. Tony Little Something

B2. Pseudomartyrs

C1. Duodular

C2. Lo Siento

D1. Song with No Name

D2. Teide featuring Greg Paulus

DIGI. Cuore Matto

DIGI. Goodvibe Lenin

DIGI. Teide



Double up and keep warm!!!


Visionquest screams through late Summer and into the Fall with four different tandems all contributing releases for the labels!!!  Each tandem has created their own unique sound to carry us into the Autumn months.  All are available now on 12″ vinyl!!!

VQ077 Bodj & Roksi – Weird Science EP

VQ078 Lee Curtiss & Steingold – Living the Dream Adjacent EP

VQSE015  DJ W!LD & Shaun Reeves – Bag of Bones EP

VQSE079 DeWalta & Shannon – Artificial Turf EP  (coming October 18th)

Deadbeat returns to Visionquest with a strong four track effort!!!

This June will see the release of Deadbeat’s “Jacks and Slow Dances” EP on Visionquest Records.

Deadbeat AKA Scott Monteith is a veteran producer currently residing in the ever inspiring city that is Berlin. No stranger to the Visionquest imprint, “Jack’s and Slow Dances” follows his 2015 release on the same label, entitled The Jacks EP.  His latest effort is comprised of 3 originals that are perfectly complimented by a remix from Visionquest co-head Shaun Reeves.

Monteith has been releasing critically acclaimed records since 2000 and has carefully sculpted a dub-laden sound that is uniquely his own and instantly recognizable. He has performed all over the world including top festivals like Sonar, Transmediale, Waking Life and Mutek. The esteemed labels he’s released on include Cynosure, scape, Revolver, Wagon Repair and his own BLKRTZ.

The EP kicks off with massive bass, big toms and cascading synths and effects that build with the “Boom Jack” vocal, until diving into a driving kick. The patient tension continues and the repeated synths rise and fall as the rhythm of the vocal becomes more frequent and more manic, sure to excite the dance floor. For the A2 Shaun Reeves’ remix of “Keep On Dancing” drops a 4/4 kick on the track and adds a classic Berlin low slung bass line that bumps along with some added sub bass, while delayed keys drift across the top. It’s perfect for summer sessions at Club Der Visionaire, which is a frequent haunt for both artists.

The B side kicks off with the original mix of “Keep On Dancing”, and sounds as though the listener is dropped into some remote jungle in the middle of the night. Monteith’s beautiful and casual vocal arrives drenched in reverb while the minimal percussion accompanies his thoughts along the way. The song continues through the night as an arpeggiated bass synth leads the listener toward the 4/4 kick and the delightfully swung hi-hats that follow. The EP is rounded out by “VQ Infinity Dub, an uptempo jam that starts with his mature building of percussion and cascading synths and vocals that drive and pulsate the track forward. Foregoing the typical use of the big clap/snare, Montieth instead  relies on the kick and shakers to keep the track moving and it just goes to show how effective his unique and unconventional his style can truly be.

Vinyl release set for June 14th, 2019

Debut from More Than Material and Archie Hamilton on new VQ record

Fresh names to Visionquest, but certainly not new to the game; More Than Material is the promising new project between two bonafide French selector statesmen who collectively boast decades of dancefloor and studio science:Jedsa Soundorom and Gauthier DM. Launching their new alias earlier this year on Zingiber Audio, their signature has been tangible from the off; deep weighted grooves, warm dynamics and total immersion.

‘Intimate’ says it all; realising its title’s close connotations with a dubby, physical groove and a rollcall of soul rolling elements, it’s the sound of a crowd locking in en- mass. Low ceiling, heads down, lights low. ‘Godsa’ follows with similar moody momentum and another hypnotic weave. This time over much more of a stately techno noir soundscape as its persistent jack is laced with subtle acid details. Next, we hit ‘Doctor High’, an ageless deep house groove peppered with nuances of uplift, trippiness and a drum arrangement that taps deep into the foundations. Once again, the track relives its title’s implications.

Finally, we sign out with a precision revision from Fuse resident Archie Hamilton who refixes the pace and density of ‘Doctor High’ with more of a driving peaktime aesthetic that remains fully respectful of the original’s weight and clarity. More Than Material by nature, spirit and name.



  1. A1. Intimate
  2. A2. Godsa
  3. B1. Doctor High
  4. B2. Doctor High (Archie Hamilton Remix)

Vinyl Speed Adjust back at it once again

Bucharest duo Vinyl Speed Adjust return to Visionquest…


Cerulean remix package with some absolute talent

2017 saw Cesar Merveille & Ryan Crosson deliver their second long player in the shape of ‘Cerulean’, drawing on their modern classical, jazz, ambient and abstract influences to create yet another unique listen featuring collaborations with a classical pianist, trumpet, guitar and double bass players. Here we see those original parts eschewed into something entirely fresh from friends and close associates of the duo.


New special VQ podcast courtesy of Ataxia

Click on “Read more” and it will take you to this special podcast!


Shaun’s dog on the cover of next Visionquest release

Who’s behind the next release? Read more and see!

Debut EP from our Detroit-friends Ataxia with “Kodak Moment”

Detroit duo Ataxia offer up their ‘Kodak Moment’ EP via Visionquest this March, accompanied by an edit from label co-founders Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson.


Mathew Johnson joins Ryan Crosson for 2 track EP

The legendary techno genius and producer Mathew Johnson on the case for his first Visionquest release.


Alexi Delano returns to Visionquest

Alexi Delano is back with a huge record and it’s called Water Colors with remix The Persuader

Merveille & Crosson connect once again to produce new EP

They’re back. Cesar Merveille and Ryan have reunited to give you this splendid EP “Dream State”

IULY.B returns to Visionquest with another heavy weighter

IULY.B returns to Visionquest this March with the ‘Surreal Experience’ EP accompanied by a remix from Bass Culture’s D’Julz.

Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo ‘Origin 99’ EP out now!

Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo mark Visionquest’s first release of 2017 with their ‘Origin 99’ EP,
comprising four collaborative original tracks from the pair.

IULY.B – Observatory EP is out now on vinyl

This November sees Romania’s IULY.B release ‘Observatory’ EP on Visionquest, featuring three expansive originals.


Last Visionquest label showcase of 2016

Our final label showcase of 2016 will be happening in #Paris on December 30th at Rex Club Official Fan Page featuring Shaun Reeves, Thomas Melchior/Melchior Productions Ltd and Ryan Crosson!!!

Vinyl Speed Adjust is back with another record

Vinyl Speed Adjust make a welcome return to Visionquest late September with their ‘Retro’ EP, comprising three original compositions from the Romania duo.

Ryan Crosson on next Brachtune

Ryan Crosson is back with a new solo EP on our sub label Brachtune!

Interview with Luke Hess

Before Luke becomes an official part of the Visionquest roster, he teams up with Visionquest founder Lee Curtiss to have a little chat about all kinds of stuff. Music to pony rides.


Luke Hess provides some Detroit techno for next release

This September will see Visionquest release ‘Selector’ from Luke Hess, coming accompanied with remixes from Delsin artist d5, label co-founder Lee Curtiss and Maher Daniel.