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Shaun’s dog on the cover of next Visionquest release

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Who’s behind the next release? Read more and see!

Debut EP from our Detroit-friends Ataxia with “Kodak Moment”


Detroit duo Ataxia offer up their ‘Kodak Moment’ EP via Visionquest this March, accompanied by an edit from label co-founders Shaun Reeves and Ryan Crosson.


Mathew Johnson joins Ryan Crosson for 2 track EP


The legendary techno genius and producer Mathew Johnson on the case for his first Visionquest release.


Alexi Delano returns to Visionquest


Alexi Delano is back with a huge record and it’s called Water Colors with remix The Persuader

Merveille & Crosson connect once again to produce new EP


They’re back. Cesar Merveille and Ryan have reunited to give you this splendid EP “Dream State”

IULY.B returns to Visionquest with another heavy weighter


IULY.B returns to Visionquest this March with the ‘Surreal Experience’ EP accompanied by a remix from Bass Culture’s D’Julz.

Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo ‘Origin 99’ EP out now!


Shaun Reeves & Tuccillo mark Visionquest’s first release of 2017 with their ‘Origin 99’ EP,
comprising four collaborative original tracks from the pair.

IULY.B – Observatory EP is out now on vinyl


This November sees Romania’s IULY.B release ‘Observatory’ EP on Visionquest, featuring three expansive originals.


Last Visionquest label showcase of 2016


Our final label showcase of 2016 will be happening in #Paris on December 30th at Rex Club Official Fan Page featuring Shaun Reeves, Thomas Melchior/Melchior Productions Ltd and Ryan Crosson!!!

Vinyl Speed Adjust is back with another record


Vinyl Speed Adjust make a welcome return to Visionquest late September with their ‘Retro’ EP, comprising three original compositions from the Romania duo.

Ryan Crosson on next Brachtune


Ryan Crosson is back with a new solo EP on our sub label Brachtune!

Interview with Luke Hess


Before Luke becomes an official part of the Visionquest roster, he teams up with Visionquest founder Lee Curtiss to have a little chat about all kinds of stuff. Music to pony rides.


Luke Hess provides some Detroit techno for next release


This September will see Visionquest release ‘Selector’ from Luke Hess, coming accompanied with remixes from Delsin artist d5, label co-founder Lee Curtiss and Maher Daniel.


Visionquest Special Editions is back on track with Jorge Savoretti


Early September will see Jorge Savoretti release his ‘River Plate’ EP via Visionquest’s Special Edition imprint, comprising three original compositions from the Argentinian artist.


Tuccillo delivers his first solo EP on Visionquest


Tuccillo returns to Visionquest this summer with his ‘Full Time’ EP, comprised of three compositions from the Italian producer.


Wareika presents second EP from their album


German collective Wareika returned to Visionquest with the Bolero EP this June, comprising the trios original and four remixes from Vlad Caia, Egal 3, Boronas and Nihko.


Visionquest 5 year celebration in San Francisco


MEZZANINE & Jukely Sound Projects Present
21+ • Daniel Bell, Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves


Visionquest 5 year celebration in LA


Underrated & The Well Present:
Visionquest • 5 Year Anniversary


Mirko Loko returns to Visionquest


We return late May with Mirko Loko’s ‘Alba Mons’ EP, comprising two original
compositions and a remix from Livio & Roby.