VQ080 Shaun Reeves – Symbols EP

Shaun Reeves needs no introduction but here it is anyways:

As a co-founder of Visionquest with his compadres Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Sex Trothler, he has been a constant driving force in electronic music from Detroit to Berlin and all over the world. He’s played everywhere you’ve ever had a good time and released great music on all of your favorite labels.

The EP begins with “Louden”, a subtle nod to a Matthew Modine acting role in the mid 1980’s .   Like Modine’s  performance, Louden sneaks up on ya like you just walked out of the Hahn with a full belly and a plan for the night. Kick bangin’, this is the time to go out. Un-earthly dubby sounds rise and fall as we drop into that classic step. from here on out it’s hypnosis as distant chords pull at each other to give you a nice digestiv. it’s obviously time to have fun.

Cue “Phantasm”,  if you didn’t know you were here, well, now u do! this is the place to be, drums are crispy, toms are echo’ing around and let’s just rinse it with a 909 hat. arp’s are abound to keep everything psychedelic while the driving drums push it forward. make no mistake, you won’t get lost in some folderol melody, this track pushes as a unit and delivers dividends.

 On “Man And His Symbols”, whether we’re talking zildgian’s or zoroastrianism the symbolism here is clear. cymbals splash around like mystics when a narrator takes us where we need to be. tough bass and a sprinkle of hi end synth pump the track along and when you reach the end you wish there was another round.  “Late Night In The Cut” is just that, you already know, but if you don’t… the breakdown takes a deep dive in the ocean and pops back up with a nice synth twang. The title says it all really.

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