VQ082 Peshka – Overdrive EP

VQ082 marks Peshka’s debut on the Visionquest imprint. Ukrainian artist Peshka, created the alias in 2014 as an alter ego to Delta X. After a 2 year hiatus due to the anti-terrorist activity in his home country,  he returned in 2016 to put out a string of releases including his solo vinyls “Mood” EP in 2018 and “Pleasant Pain” on Amam in 2019.

“Overdrive” starts out the EP with retro future pads, synth bass full of delay, arpeggiated percussion drips and drums that come together fully with hard claps anchoring the beat to the low end of the track. All the while a sultry vocal slinks it’s way through.

Next we hear “Our Life”, a thumping track steeped in darkness that has the sound of speeding through a European city after a bank heist. Alternating hi-hats keep your ears at the ready, waiting for what to look out for next. A vocal twisting in the the background stays just out of reach of intelligibility. 

The flip side begins with “Spectral Analyzed” and it gets off to a quick start with 

plenty of spectral sounds full of galactic wonder. Reverb drenched tones echo through the track leading to an old school arp that reinforces the rhythm.

The EP rounds out with “Virtuoz”, a dance through skittering hi hats and mutating bass held together by sharp percussion and precise kick patterns. As with the theme of the record, apeggiated synths soaked in delay dance around the head, keeping the overall theme intact. A lush break of synths splashes together to lead us out of the record.

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