VQ074 Floog – Suprapus EP


A new year, a new Visionquest excursion: rising Romanian Floog is our navigator for this mission and he’s coordinated a precision interstellar trip to ease us into a new season.

The timing couldn’t be better. Momentum made via his debuts on the likes of Crossed Grooves and Atipic, ‘Suprapus’ is Floog’s boldest, furthest reaching EP to date as he continues to map his own name around the cosmos.

‘Suprapus’ takes the lead. Romanian for superimpose, it lives up to its title as layers weave with natural ebb and flow. The sense of timelessness is another strong superimposed weave as we’re immersed in a haze of foundation elements and a strong rolling funk while driven by future focused beatcraft and production.

This theme is continued on ‘Staring At The Sun’. Another wistful piece that stares up with hope but runs with such groove hypnosis you lose any temporal senses, it’s both heads-down and shades-down as Floog rolls out into the centre of solar system.
Finally ‘Premiza’ brings us back home. Darker, gruffer, trippier and relentlessly driving. There’s some serious noir magic at play on the tweaked drums, creepy arpeggios and overall sense of tension. Transition in 2019 complete, but don’t get too comfortable… Another VisionQuest excursion is awaiting imminently.

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