Deadbeat Music – The Jacks EP



Hot on heels of the summer madness out there! The Berlin based Montrealeler Scott Monteith, aka Deadbeat Music, brings us a true drum slammer to the Visionquest catalogue. There are no doubts that these records will fulfill many percussionists dreams.
With quite a few years in the music business and with releases on respected labels like Cynosure, Echochord and Wagon Repair, Deadbeat Music is a well known and acknowledged name within the industry. Therefore it was with a convinced mindset that Scott would bring quality to the table. And well.. he didn’t disappoint.

First track is a percussionist dream of track. It is really a rancous and out-there slice of tribal tech, which kind of brings us back in the days, in Berlin. You might end up being surprised during the track or sitting afterwards with these banging drum elements driving through your head over and over. It’s a non-stop drum action with percussion elements building higher and higher during the whole track.

Secondly, we’re slowing down in BPM. Surely that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down on percussion elements. It brings us into a similar vibe as the first track and it holds on tight. The drums play a persistent and dominant role in the tracks, but it definitely offers some variety to what we’re watching being released every week on different labels. It’s a track that is suitable for every dj set out there, to light up the set as it’s more supple in nature, but definitely brings the effort to the set.

Third and last, we’re rounding off the EP with Acid Jack Dub. A track that creates a clean and subtle atmosphere with more synth lines to it than the previous tracks. An acid synth line developes as the track stretches and hi hats are becoming more and more of a essential factor in this track. Once again Deadbeat and Visionquest collaborates on showing the world some proper house music. Standing out of the crowd and not following the direction everybody’s going in, has become synonymous with what we are out for.