Vinyl Speed Adjust – Carpe Diem EP


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Don’t you just love when the music takes you through a journey. A journey where there’s no arrival destination. Just you, the music and nobody else. When the music puts you in a space between happiness and excitement.
The Romanian duo, Vinyl Speed Adjust, does exactly that with the new Carpe Diem EP.

The respected and talented duo consisting of Eddy and Levii have been putting out tons of quality releases and they are considered as one of Romanias finest house exports. Look out for them, but start with this massive 3-tracker presented on Visionquest.

First up, we have ‘Carpe Diem’. Carpe Diem means “Enjoy the moment” in Latin and that name is very suitable for the track. A deep harmonic pad wobbling around the track creates texture and a nature kind of hypnotization. Alongside the nature-sounding synth sounds, funny effects and perfect beats fitting the tone, makes this track a great introduction to the EP.

Secondly, we’re up with ‘Divider’, which leaves us in the same hypnotic moment, but with a rough bass lying underneath the arpeggio that creates the same atmosphere as Carpe Diem. The arpeggio is together with subby bass the dominant parts of the tracks and once the track stretches and develop, extra percussion comes in, fast beats and a persistent man voice bringing a lightweight vibe and a conjuring purpose. This is kind of a track that’s perfect for the after hours. People have been nonstop dancing and they need to charge their powers for the hours to come and this track might be the perfect solution for that.

Third and last is ‘Circles From Feld’. When you are making an EP, you always have to make an A and a B-side. All three tracks cannot be totally similar to each other, so to bring something else to your b-side is essential. Circles From Feld is the track that brings something else to the EP. A more harsh and in-your-face sense of feeling is given here. We still have hypnotic pads behind the beats, but the percussion parts really does the trick in this one.

We’re extremely happy to welcome Vinyl Speed Adjust on board the Visionquest ship. They have really shown their worth with this EP and you should definitely look after them. This could probably be the most optimal start and uplifting start to the more grey side of the weather we’re about to accommodate.