VQ061 Vinyl Speed Adjust – Retro EP

Vinyl Speed Adjust make a welcome return to Visionquest late September with their ‘Retro’ EP, comprising three original compositions from the Romania duo.

Hailing from Bucharest, Romania the Vinyl Speed Adjust duo have been rapidly on the rise as producers and DJ’s over the past few years with a back catalogue boasting material on Pressure Traxx, Gilesku Records, Colours In Music and Visionquest where they return to here, as well accolade’s from leading industry names such as Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh and Rhadoo.

Here we see the pair back on fine form for Visionquest following their ‘Carpe Diem’ EP on the label in 2015 and taking the lead is title track ‘Retro’ which sees things taken down a percussive led path via modulating pot drums, murky bass flutters and screeching atmospherics.

‘Det Riot’ follows and ups the energy levels with robust rhythms and stuttering vocal chops running with subtly unfolding arps, and further howling expansive swells hidden in the depths of the record before ‘Stretch Souls’ rounds things off, closing with tumbling organic percussion, soft pad sweeps and a rumbling low end drive.

Vinyl Speed Adjust’s ‘Retro’ EP is out on Visionquest 21st October (Vinyl) and 4th November (Digital) 2016.

1. Retro

  1. Det Riot
  2. Stretch Souls