Visionquest Winter Fall Collection 2011


PURCHASE: 12″ / Digital


Following the smash hit “Summer Beach Edition Compilation” and Dinky’s positively carnivalesque “Time to Lose” EP, Visionquest’s latest collection showcases the label at its curatorial best. Offering up three elegant tracks from across the broad spectrum of dance-oriented electronica. The inspiring juxtaposition of David K, My Favorite Robot and Mirko Loko together on the Fall/Winter Collection works to create a remarkably unified whole, a versatile remarkable collection for the ensuing darkening months.

Following a recent slate of releases on celebrated labels like Freak n Chic, Tsuba, and Supplement Facts, France’s David K starts things off with some serious genre bending.  ‘Ghost Train’ is both lyrically driven and musically driving. Centered around a galloping, urgent synth line and snarling, disaffected vocals depicting the despondence and monotony of urban life. David K’s distinctive production is evocative of British Post-Punk artists such as Gang of Four, John Foxx or P.I.L., but through a post-modern techno vortex, this is like nothing you will hear this year!

An equally innovative, contemporary homage to the earliest experiments in romo-tech, celebrated remixers and recent addition to the Crosstown’s crew, My Favorite Robot’s ‘Forest Fires’ is reminiscent of Carl Craig, Human League and Benoit & Sergio rolled up one heady exotic blend, a truly unique and outstanding track that is already gaining a lot of expediential heat.

While Side A represents Visionquest bringing together the best in off-kilter electronic pop, on the flip side they return to their love of the outer-boundaries and experimental possibilities of the dance genre. A key component of the Swiss dance scene and recent member of the Cadenza roster, Lausanne native Mirko Loko extends Visionquest 07’s melancholic vibe with “Gloria,” a 13 minute odyssey that does for sound what CinemaScope did for film.  Sweeping, audacious, and nothing short of panoramic, in ‘Gloria’ a serpentine melody curls around almost imperceptible moments of micro-percussion worthy of the best of Villalobos. Simply put, this is music for the sunrise after…

Visionquest Fall/Winter Collection makes clear that the label shares the philosophy of every great curator: keep challenging your audience with a coherent diversity—disparate pieces that work together to extend and develop a singular mood.