Merveille & Crosson – DRM Part 2


PURCHASE: 12″ / Digital


The musical impresarios over at Visionquest HQ have dropped a little taster of what’s to come on Merveille & Crosson’s forthcoming album, with a vinyl-only sampler entitled ‘DRM PT 2’. This follow up to last years rapturous ‘DRM PT 1’, further extendsthe duo’s experiments into twisted dance floor jazz and lush ambient soundscapes.

Things open up with ‘Again & Again’, and the jazz inflected trumpet notes of a certain Mr. Greg Paulus. A shifting bassline soon enters the foray; as panned, experimental percussion crashes along elegantly whilst ghostly vocal snippets and haunting horns vie for our attention. A cacophony of sound builds to a point where you may feel yourself slipping into the abyss, only to be gently returned to the same solid groove that had us locked in the first place.

On the flip, the rustling of cymbals and echoed keys formulate a hypnotic rhythm on ‘At The Seams’. The Bjork-esque vocals of Banana Lazuli subtly resound like a spiritual calling and the otherworldly journey continues as piano hits that would make Keith Jarrett proud ripple through the core of the piece. A kick drum is not required for this deeply emotive soundscape, which instead explores the sonic realms of higher frequencies.

Finally ‘Pending’ opens with xylophone style keys, off kilter hats and a host of enchanting percussive sounds, reminiscent of far eastern influence. A more

synthesized lead line enters the mix before a classical piano piece, courtesy of Kate Simko, ensure that the abstract, jazz-like aesthetic that features throughout the release remains. Both ‘At The Seams’ and ‘Pending’ are graced by the remarkable musicianship of Arthur Simonini whose deft instrumentation skills are evident in these exquisite pieces.

Ultimately, what Crosson & Merveille have made is nothing less than dance music for intellectuals, a unity of thought and feeling, poetry for bodies in motion.