Ryan Crosson – On The Rise



Purchase: http://www.decks.de/shop / http://classic.beatport.com/release/on-the-rise-ep/1532041

Visionquest founder Ryan Crosson is setting the temperature of the summer with this 3-sided banger of an EP. What a perfect way to begin your summer with some mint tunes from our own Ryan Crosson and a perfect way to come in the best mood possible for the parties to come.

First up we’ve got Cadets In Heat, which is kind of like a track that takes you through a journey. It’s like an adventure just building up to hit climax with trancy synth-lines, big room underground layers and a powerful drum part, taking the whole track into an atmosphere of happiness. You will definitely be in your most joyful mindset through this track.

Secondly we’ve got On The Rise. Here we’re dealing with a sharp and warm bassline turning into some retro acid sound. Still with a foundation based on underground layers of sounds that sets the pulse. House vocals comes in later on, bringing in an elastic and lightweight vibe to the track. Combined with a modern synth line and bells – it’s just tearing the roof off.

Third and last is D!!!. What a strange track name you might say, but when your hear it you’ll understand why. It’s taking us back to the Detroit Techno scene, where bass and beats is in the dominant seat. And that’s exactly how this track turns out.
Smooth and elegant. Sophisticated bassline, groovy beats and a strong vocal to add some power, is leaving us behind with a quite unusual track nowadays. Definitely a peak-time killer with great chances of becoming one of the slammers of the summer.

All in all a true heavyweight music experience and an amazing illustration of Ryan’s library of musical knowledge. This one can’t be missed and you better prepare yourself to paint your dancing shoes, cause this is gonna rock your inner soul.