VQ054 Antonio Thagma – Leather Soul EP


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Thagma is a brand new and fast rising talent who made a big impact as part of the Emerging Ibiza festival and program on the White Isle this summer. This is his first proper outing as a producer and is one that proves he has a fine grasp of groove and a rich understanding of melody way beyond his years. If you have seen any of the Visionquest boys play recently you might well have heard cuts from this EP, as they have been road testing them with great results.

Up first, the brilliant ‘Leather Soul’ is a quick and slick, futuristic bit of sleek techno. The synth lines are busy and bubbly, the drums are infectious and the subtle pads add a real sense of late night colour. It is a truly remarkable affair for someone to have conjured up so early in his career.

‘Doing That’ is a more bumpy and dark house construct, with abstracted vocals riding over rattling perc and reverb rich drums. It sounds like little else and is a perfectly original and compelling bit of work that never fails to stand out in any set.

Lastly, ‘Inmahouse’ is a loose limbed, funk fuelled cut with lively rubber drums, drunken synth sounds and soulful pads glowing in the distance. Shimmering and shimmying percussive patterns get layered up as the essential drum lines keep on sucking you in. With many different focal points this is an ever evolving and shuffling cut that closes out a rich and resonant EP of beautifully modern club tracks.