VQLP007 Wareika – The Magic Number

Wareika’s ‘The Magic Number’ is the collective of Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe and Jakob Seidensticker’s third album for Visionquest. No surprises. It’s excellent. Sounding like the trio live in 2016 rather than trying to regurgitate the past this sparkling collection of sound musical ideas exits very much in present with the future firmly in mind. Hints of Eno may lie in store on the opening title track but those are soon buried as the numbers progress and the possibilities expand. Track three grandly features commanding piano alongside understated vocals, while the teasing atmospherics of ‘My Guitar’ do just that. Lots more to get lost in along the way as pulsating beats transport you until you arrive at the self-explanatory ‘Protect Me From What I Want’. Part 2 of the opener proceeds to complete the LP with the second haunting yet sumptuous rendition of the title and then it’s all over.  – Taken from DMC World